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Ihave been using Internet Explorer and now find my computer has been infected by iexplore.exe which uses up memory, replicates itself and plays snippets of noise.  I can stop it by going into processes and stopping explore.exe and then each individual iexplore.exe.  When I use a different browser (e.g. Firefox) I do not have the iexplore problem, however it is still there when I reuse IE.

I have run McAfee, Spybot and Windows One Care and none of them can find the problem.  How do I hunt down and remove the cause of this problem?  Or barring that how do I completely remove all files associated with IE before trying to reinstall it?



It might be normal or virus, if you believe that you are infected and cannot remove it , contact support team with the link in my preview post, they could help you more by review your system and remove possible threats, this is better than format your system.

Format would be the last solution which there is no other way but as my experiance there are always a solution , even in worse scenario rather than format. I only recommend format to people who are using non-genuine software when they want to install genuine one in order to assure of security and privacy.

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