How to get started with Microsoft Community

Make community your own

Our community helps answer your Microsoft product and service questions with responses from other knowledgeable community members.

Along the way you'll meet recognized experts in consumer software - people who use our products every day, and other new users from virtually every walk of life.

We developed this community to give you the power to make Microsoft Community your own and the opportunity to see that using Microsoft products can be fun and easy.

Participating is easy and free

When you're ready to ask your own question, reply to someone else's, or start a discussion, you'll need to sign-in to Microsoft Community.

Creating an account on Microsoft Community is free, easy, and a great way to join a community of people who use the same products and services that you do.

Ask a question

Have a tough question? Make sure your post is specific, clear, and complete.

Include any error messages, system information, and recent software or hardware changes when you post.

View replies

One of Microsoft Community's biggest strengths is its members.

Help and advice may come from a variety of places: other customers, community experts or Microsoft specialists. All of these people are passionate about Microsoft products and want to help you do more with your products too.

As soon as someone replies to your question, we'll let you know via email.

Keep in mind that some questions are more complex than others and may take longer to receive a reply.

Get answers

You may receive several answers from the community members. You pick the best ones.

Build your reputation

Badges are your reward for being an active contributor and awesome community member. Over time, good contributors earn a variety of badges.

Answer a question and you'll be on your way to earning badges too.

Additional support options

Microsoft Community is a free service for our customers. But we understand that sometimes you just can't wait for an answer from the community. In that case, Microsoft offers a variety of other support solutions.