I recently had a problem accessing Hotmail account. I went onto Google to try find a solution and when I typed in "can't access Hotmail account" MC Helper comes up as a sponsored Google ad claiming they are Hotmail support. I did contact them and they told me I had probably been hacked and this was the reason for not being able to access my Hotmail account.

I stupidly gave them access to my computer and they proceeded to do a scan which resulted in, you guessed it, I had been hacked apparently (by MC Helper). They said not to worry, they could fix the problem and prevent this hacker (from New York) and future hackers from accessing my computer for a fee of $200. I don't have a lot of money and I told the person on the phone that. They reassured me they could reduce the price which ended up being $59. They made me feel without paying this money and doing what they had to do I would never be able to use my computer or access my Hotmail account again. I wish I had just hung up and in hindsight, I knew that MC Helper was a scam because they didn't really do anything other than scare me into parting with my hard earned money.

Everything was fine for a few months when out of the blue I received a call from MC Helper again claiming that their company was being investigated by Microsoft and they were instructed to refund all monies they had taken. You know, I was really sceptical. He told me he needed to remove the software from my computer and he needed access to do it. He also needed my credit card details again to refund the money. My gut feeling is telling me this is not right but I stupidly gave over the details again. After he had access to the computer again he kept changing his story of when the money would be refunded and how long the uninstall would take on my computer. He told me not to touch the computer and when I did he called me back on the phone to tell me to not touch the computer for 2 hours. As I watching I noticed him downloading a program called Team Viewer which I found out allows access to other computers over the internet, first red flag, and then noticed a Western Union Money Transfer to India. I tried to have a look at the details of the transfer and he called me again and very bluntly told me not to touch the computer.

I was on my iPad at the same time checking my bank account and noticed an amount of $59.00 missing from my account. They did NOT refund the money they charged me again. I immediately closed down my computer. Funnily enough, I didn't get a call back from David Brown with a heavy Indian accent. I believe they were scanning my computer for information, passwords etc etc etc.

I am not a stupid person, my gut feeling was telling me scam scam scam and I can't believe I have made myself vulnerable. I have now spent a lot of time and money cancelling by bank cards, changing passwords, removing all my browser history and cookies etc. and spending a lot of time spreading the word to other unsuspecting people that may unfortunately call these scammers.

I am also angry with Google and Microsoft for allowing this company MC Helper to continue to offer their services with paid ads on Google and claim they are part of Microsoft. Why isn't someone doing something about this. I am now spreading the word to anyone who will listen.


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I figured out that the way they do this is pretend they are working for MS and say they are going to send you a verification code via your phone number (as long as the phone number you give them is on the account).  They deleted my phone number and put their email in it's place.  I can't remove their email because i have to wait 30 days.  I did manage to recover my account, and change the password, but if they want to, they can change it back.  I am concerned that they managed to install a keylogger on my pc though.  Running all kinds of virus protection to verify that it's not.

Today I had some Indian on the phone who gave the name of James Watson claiming that McHelper had gone out of business & that they wished to refund me with the balance of the $200 namely £193 sterling which they claimed was owing to me.

For this they required my bank details which I foolishly passed on thinking that this was all above board. Fortunately my bank got in touch supplying me with a phone number to call as attempts were being made to 'make adjustments to my account'  in the order of the above sum.  I queried whether these adjustments were to reimburse my account and was told that no they were trying to withdraw that amount.

I therefore instructed my bank to close my account, and wish to warn everyone NOT to fall prey to the McHelper lies and scams.

Thanks ChrisYJ for sharing your story and very sorry to hear that this happened to you.

Indeed, there are a lot of unscrupulous companies out there who are attempting to defraud unsuspecting customers of ours. We are always monitoring the forums to hear you guys' feedback and try to inform others before they fall prey to companies like MCHelper.

By sharing your story, you may have helped many others so I thank you for that.

Good luck and best regards,


The same thing happened to my wife, How are you able to get rid of software they have installed on the laptop. We are not technical people. So we managed to get in touch with Microsoft and got so far through the process of resetting the security when we put in the supplied code and it just buffered. The Microsoft person on the other end of the phone said he was going to speak to a colleague for advice and he never came back. can anyone PLEASE help.

To completely get rid of this software is to have your computer set back to factory settings. You can learn how to do this by getting information online or seek professional help. Make sure you copy important files and photos etc onto an outside source so you can reload these into your computer at a later date.

Thanks Muzzie 4848 for your quick reply, as it happens a good friend of ours is doing as you said by taking the laptop back to it's factory settings.

The only concern is MC helper has installed their email and removed mine on the security as happened to Evetsmostel in a previous thread (on November 24th) is there any way to remove their malicious email or do I have to wait the required 30 days before I can do that?

I did have notification on my email account from Microsoft saying my wife's security contact had been changed and they asked me if I was aware and they gave me the option to take it further by giving me another security code to use.

Should I go ahead with this? and see if this resets everything or will it just make matters worse.

Once again thank you for all your help. I hope I have been clear about what has happened to us and that we can get back to having confidence to use email again.

Gordon TV I would accept the new Microsoft security code help and change your password ASAP. I also cancelled my cards with my bank account and have new ones issued, put a security password on my computer when you log in, disconnect from the internet when I am not on the computer, changed all my passwords on sensitive accounts, password protected any sensitive files and delete and have the computer set so no cookies or information is remembered, Sounds drastic, it took a little time but I now have some peace of mind that nobody else is accessing my information.

Before you have your computer reset to the factory settings make sure you copy photos and documents you want to keep.

And my last piece of advice, if you get a phone call with a private number, there's a delay at the end of the phone or they have a foreign accent....HANG UP!!!!!

Muzzie4848 many thanks for your great advice and I  am in the process of carrying out your suggestions but as you say it does take time.

My mate did as you suggested and copied all my photo's and documents BEFORE resetting my wife's computer. 

I can't thank you enough for the help and advice you have given it has been much appreciated. 


This has just happened to me with the work email address. I feel so stupid but I have cancelled my cards straight away. I know I'm going to have to restore the computer to factory settings. But am I able to keep the same email address? Every time I try log on they or someone else has changed the password. 

Unfortunately this happens to the best of us. I'm not sure if you can keep your email address if they have changed the password. I have the same email address I just change the password on a regular basis and never save my password so the computer remembers it the next time. You could try contacting your email provider and asking for their help. You may have provided some secret questions so they can identify you.

Hope this helps and best of luck.

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