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Outlook-Mail (Preview) issues. unable to open, answer or delete mails properly. I can't even log out

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Original Title: Outlook-Mail (Preview)

Obviously my mail account was "upgraded" today to the Outlook-Mail Preview. It's terrible and NOT WORKING AT ALL.

I'm using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer to open my hotmail-account via browser as usual. It opens, but I am NOT able to open, answer or delete mails properly. When clicking on another folder, nothing happens. When clicking "answer" or "delete" or whatever NOTHING happens. I can't even log out. It's like a semi-frozen screen.

Thanks for this "upgrade" which COMPLETELY disables me to communicate and work (and earn money). Any idea how to fix the issue so I can AT LEAST write and answer emails?

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jendscott replied on


You sound like a salesman offering advice rather than reading the problem.

"There is no returning to what was.

With time & more information you may get used to it.."

My reply was regarding my father, 85 who has difficulty with the Preview version, not me. I want a way to roll his back. He finds it difficult to navigate, doesn't need intrusive calendar reminders in the way, split multi color screens etc. He is nearly blind, font blown up to 24 pt, Preview doesn't fit and scrolling difficult. The old Outlook was fine.  

One actually can return to what was, in some cases, slapped my cloned disk back in and dumped the windows 10 back to 7. Took me less than 5 minutes...poof I returned to what was.

Perhaps creating another account will work in the meantime. 

Other mail services like Gmail are cleaner and simpler for those befuddled with technology, those who want basic intuitive email, not all the cutesy techno additions and sworn allegiance to Microsoft everything.  Again I am referring to another person as computers are my daily life, server side scripting, web design, programming.. . Just a recommendation.

So far Windows 10 seems nothing much more than slicked up 7 with a Windows phone-like addition tacked on the screen. 

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