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John0719 asked on


When starting up Outlook (contacting:\\di.rlcdn.com) comes up and runs for a while and then outlook comes up. While visiting my outlook msn.com site to review email this same statement comes up and outlook goes into "not responding" mode and then it goes away and outlook is back up and running. I did not see this happen on my gmail or mac email accounts in outlook. I ran virus and malware and none did anything to stop this action. I simply removed all of my email sites from outlook and am no longer using outlook for email until I resolve this issue.


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GregH1930 replied on
I had this exact same problem and it was related to a Best Buy email that had a subject of Open ASAP for your rewards. Once I deleted the email, the symptoms stopped. I am not sure if there is any collateral damage, but for now the issue has stopped.
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DanMurray replied on

I saw this behavior for the first time tonight. It started after I opened an email from Besy Buy (could very well be a coincidence or a spoofed email - Im not blaming Best Buy).  I quickly hit the switch to kill the wifi and was able to capture the domain name.  I called the number listed in the whois listing above and it immediately goes to voicemail. The voice sounds like a younger person.  He mumbles the company name and incourages you to leave your name and phone number.  That part of the message was clearly anunciated.

Given the lack of information in my searching, the paranoid I.T. guy in me says to consider this malicious until someone proves otherwise.


Im starting my scans now.....

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DS_Buf replied on
I also received this message from a BestBuy email.  I believe that it may be going out to a third party to either grab content or leave content for shopping recommendations.  I'm going to add the domain to my restricted list and see what happens.
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