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I am a little fed-up with Microsoft Outlook - I went to all the trouble of setting up Groups of people to send emails to - and SAVING the groups.  Yet when I send the group an email I find lots of other email addresses have been added to the group I had just saved.  Please can you help me with this???? Its really very frustrating.



Hope this helps...

Create a group
Log in
Click New
New group
Enter group name
Type / Add appropriate contacts

Send group emails
Log in
Click New
In the To / CC / BCC box, type the Group name and click.
View members of this group by clicking the + sign beside group name.
Clicking X  will allow you to remove contacts you don't want included.

In People > Groups are viewable or accessible by scrolling down your contacts list as it conforms with the alphabetical arrangement of your contacts.

The steps in adding and deleting members in your Groups are as follows:
Go to your People page.
Locate and click the group name in your contact list.
Click Edit in the command bar on top of the page.
To delete a member of the group, click the "X" button at the bottom right of your contact's picture.
To add a member, type the contact's name in the Add member box and click the desired contact from the drop down option. 

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