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I just switched to Windows live mail - I have a distribution list of approx 250 email ids - I just started getting an error that there are too many recipients - I am using BCC to avoid being identified as a spammer -I have been sending to this distribution list for several weeks now and just started getting this error. This is a function that I need to do.

If you are using Hotmail, or there is a sending limit.  USing BCC doesnt change that

Dependent on your accounts reputation these are the limits

The Hotmail limit for outgoing email messages is 300 (three hundred) messages per day. Maximum 100 per email.

The limit is lower for new accounts and when Windows Live Hotmail has spotted what it deems suspicious activity

(a large and sudden increase in outgoing messages may indicate your account has been taken over, for example)

How Many To, Cc and Bcc Recipients Windows Live Hotmail Allows Per Message
You can add up to 100 (one hundred) recipients per message in Windows Live Hotmail. 
Again, suspicious activity can lead to a temporarily lower limit (as low as 10 (ten) recipients).

If you’ve been notified that you have hit some limit on a Microsoft product, it’s almost certainly part of an effort to reduce spam. 
You can also increase your limit simply by continuing to use Hotmail and other Hotmail services normally.  
It only takes a few days of normal activity to increase the limits—that gives us enough time to detect automated spam machines and accounts that have been hacked. 
We’re constantly working to make things worse for spammers and better for real people.

The send mail limit depends on your reputation within Hotmail. 
The system needs a few days to build your reputation. 
So, there are stricter limitations on new accounts or accounts that have engaged in activity that is representative of abusers sending spam.

If you are a new user, a low sending quota is a temporary restriction and is upgraded to the maximum limit as soon as the user establishes credibility in the system.
If you are an established user, recent account activity may have sent us a false alert.

Note: Recipients is different from emails - 1 email with 5 recipients' counts as 5 emails, not 1.

You can raise the limits by getting a one-time verification code sent to your mobile phone. 
Verify your account with a mobile number (only available in limited markets at this time): Mobile Verification
To get the highest possible Hotmail limits, you might consider upgrading to a paid subscription such as  Hotmail Plus.

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After some digging I found out that the answer lies with my email service provider. Seems like they decided to reduce the number of addresses that an email can be directed to and did not tell anyone. They arbitrarily reduced the number to 100. I split the groups into 3 and now everything is working correctly. Thanks for the help.

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