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André Kittler asked on

I transferred my main account to, and on this added another 3 mail accounts. Like my gmail with I am trying to leave, all my mails are on just one place.


Saturday my biggest gmail account stopped send any mails. I’ve got a “delete your trash ASAP” message (sorry, the search function is not working, so I can’t find the exact message) with I dit, but still never got any more mails from the account.

Yesterday I’ve received the lovely “We couldn't get your messages: Please wait for a moment. The problem should be fixed soon” on all my other accounts, so I stopped receiving all forward messages.


Today, my main account is blocked. If I send an emails with one TEST message, no attachments, I get this response: 

"This message is larger than the current system limit or the recipient's mailbox is full."


So great, I am not receiving any email. At all. I’ve reached my storage limit.

I’m moving back to gmail, I need the space and unfortunally seems to be too small. However, I wonder, what was the limit? Where could I have seen it?

If the problem is that your are getting the mail too fast from the other provides, shouldn’t you just take it slow, instead of trashing everything?

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Denise T. replied on

Hi Bruno-Domingues,


I understand that you're inquiring about the storage limit for I can imagine how important this must be for you to find out on your end. Don't worry, let me assist you with this.


I understand that you're informed that provides as much storage as you need. Please be informed that provides a limit of 5GB of space but this slowly adjusts or increases according to your needs. But 5GB is the standard limit for accounts.


Please let us know if you have additional questions.


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I've discovered that Microsoft's older but still great WLM2012 App ( still works fine

> with Win 7 and previous OSs) still works fine or perfectly with Microsoft's Hotmail

> and Outlook email services, even though they dumped their email Delta Sync

> Protocol for the EAS Protocol!

Depends on which version you managed to download. In 2015 Microsoft released an update to WLM that added EAS capabililty and removed DeltaSync. (it used to be available from, but the update had a tendency to crash, particularly when updating the calendar. Microsoft withdrew the update, so the only one currently available is the unupdated version.

eM Client from offers a free license for non-commercial use and it supports EAS and Exchange as well as the mail-only protocols and it works a lot like WLM.

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BrunoDS replied on

That information is contradictory...


5 Gb is NOT as much space as we need... its 5 Gb limit.


So why don't you just say in all your advertisings "You have up to 5 Gb space" rather than "You have as much space as you need"


"As much space as you need" means there is NO LIMIT and therefore this is deceiving people.

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