Q: Now Hotmail is Outlook, how do I add someone to my safe senders list?

I get a number of newsletters that are now defaulting to my junk mail folder.  But there doesn't seem to be a way to get them to automatically show up in my Inbox.



I did as you stated above and added a particular sender to my Safe Senders list.  The

> emails from that sender still go into my junk mail.

If this is true, there is a problem on the server side. Make sure the sender address of the message is, indeed, the address you added to the Safe Sender list. You can also put that sender in your Contacts. Either place should cause messages from that address to be ignored by the junk filter.

I also made a "rule" that any email with a particular word from that safe sender would

> go into my inbox but they still go into my junk mail.

Rules work only on messages delivered to Inbox. They cannot work on messages delivered to other folders.


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