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Hello, I've not logged into my hotmail account for a while and when I tried today, it said the account didn't exist. How do I recover my old emails? This is really upsetting as I had old emails there that I wanted to keep.  It's a standard email address that ends in I can't remember when I last logged in but perhaps it was a few months ago.

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I know how frustrating this can be if you lose all of your important emails and I’m here to help you sort this out. Have you made any changes to your account that might have caused the issue? See the examples below that might have caused the loss of your emails.




When you rename your account, your primary/original email address will become an alias and it's inbox will be then placed to the new email address that you renamed it to.




You can try to recover some of the deleted messages yourself (Link to recover deleted messages is under DELETED folder) if you accidentally deleted your emails, refer: Deleted email messages.


If your email account was inactive within 365 days, you will lose all your email messages due to inactivity including your account.


If you were accessing your emails on a mail client such as Windows Live Mail or through your mobile device, but didn’t log into your web account for over 365 days, you may lose emails due to inactivity in web account.




Your account was hacked and the hacker deleted your email messages. Refer on the link below for more info about hacked accounts.


Pop settings


Please check if you have enabled the option to reflect what you do from your mail client to the web mail. Because any action you do in your mail client will reflect on your webmail like deleting a message.


1. On your Outlook, click the gear icon then click More mail settings. If you are using Hotmail that would be Options then click More options.

2. Under Managing your account, click POP and deleting downloaded messages.

3. Choose Don't let another program delete messages from Hotmail. (If your other program is set to "delete messages from the server," we'll simply move them to a special POP folder. They won't be deleted.) option then click Save.


If you feel that the above reasons does not apply to you then I would require the impacted email address for investigation.


I've initiated a private message, you can post your email address there.


Note: Please sign-in to this website in order to see the Private Message tab where you can provide the required information. We also need you to reply back to this post if you already provided the information on the private data area. This will help facilitate our actions regarding your issue.


Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions.


Thank you

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Hello Ellie,


Thank your for providing us the account in question. I've checked your account and verified that the account you've provided doesn't exist on our database. As previously mentioned by Richard_LS, please be informed that your Microsoft account will become inactive if you don't sign in for more than 365 days or within the first 10 days after signing up for your account. After an account becomes inactive, all messages, folders, and contacts are deleted/purged from our system and are no longer recoverable.


Should you have other questions or any other concerns, please reply to this thread and we will be happy to further assist you.

Thank you,
Ken – Senior Support Specialist Support Escalations Team

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Hi I used another email addy for job purposes and as i havent worked for over 2 years (had a child) i had no reason to often go into the account. My cv was kept in the account and now it is saying the account doesnt exist that is the only place i kept my cv and really need it

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Hi CarrieBeaton,


I understand that you are having problems for a lost email, let me assist you with your concern.


Please be informed that for you to be properly assisted, kindly create a separate thread and re-post your concern so that a moderator can assist you.


I hope this will clarify with your concern and feel free to post back.


Thank you,



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Hi Ellie0701,


Please be informed that if you wish to resume your concern for your missing or lost emails,

I have created a private message where you can post necessary informations. Please make sure that you are signed in to view the message.


Your patience is highly appreciated.


Thank you,

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