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Outlook Mail (also known as Outlook on the Web)

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All Hotmail/Outlook users are being migrated to a new email system and almost all user have already been migrated

As announced a while ago, Microsoft is migrating all mailboxes to the Office 365 Exchange Online mail servers. This will give you a much better syncing experience

These are some of the changes in the new system

Once you have logged in you will see this screen.  Outlook mail is context driven.  The options you are given change depending where you are in the app.  When you first log on you can either create a new email or read the current ones or search for email or people.

If you want to do something other than email you can either pick a different app from the log on screen or click the squares in the upper left corner and pick the app you want

Once you have selected an email the selections change to

1-New.  You can create a new email by selecting "+" or create a new calendar event by using the drop down

2-Reply.  You can reply, reply to all, or forward the selected item.

3-Delete, fairly obvious, delete the selected item/items

4-Archive.  Also fairly obvious.  It archives (moves to the archive folder) the selected item/items

5-Junk.  You can mark the selected as "junk", or mark it as a scam, or say your friend has been hacked.

6-Sweep.  Gives you the following options for the selected item/items

7-Move to.  Give you the below options

8-Plugin List.  Will show (and let you use the installed plug ins)

9-More Commands

10-Search for an email or contact by typing the text into the field.  There is also an advanced function where you can search last month, last year etc..  To access the advanced section enter the text then click the magnifying glass.

11-Folder list.  You can expand or collapse the list of folders by toggling the "caret" ("^") next to the list.  You can also add folders by clicking the "+" to the right of the word folder

12-Reading pane with details of the selected item.

The rest of the categories across the top also change depending on the item you select.  Items with the Caret "^" have pull down items so if you do not see what you want look around.

The Right side of the menu bar includes



3-Gear includes the following Including OPTIONS  (see expanded snips of options at the end of this wiki if interested)

4-Help.  Here you can do the following including make suggestions about Outlook mail, mentions, Pins & flags, access add-ons, and more  (important note about more)  You can use More to open the additional categories shown below


5-Profile/Avatar.  Note the green bar signifying "available".  Blue signifies "off line"

You can also sign out, edit your profile, and view account.

Expanded views of options






If you have questions about Outlook Mail start a thread in the section

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Outlook Mail (also known as Outlook on the web)

Co-Authored JMH3143/ ZigZag3143

This does not help the millions of people who are using the classic format in order to read their mail.  The issue does not take into consideration the people that have less than perfect vision.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to read mail with the new format.  Microsoft is really sucking big time.  I am just about ready to switch to LINUX OS.

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