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Can't sync Outlook App account 2016 Post Nov 1 2016 0x85010017

dj.aus asked on

I have not been able to sync one of my two email accounts in Outlook and the Windows Mail app.

My accounts syncs OK.

My custom domain account doesn't. I can log on to and read my mail for this account but not in Outlook or the Mail app.

I have checked my domain alias and it IS Primary.

This problem occurs on several machines, including a Windows 10 phone.

Two are on Windows 10 Insider Fast track. One desktop is not.

I have created/recreated the account in the Mail app.

When I try to sync it I get:

Something went wrong

We can't sync with at the moment. Wait a while, then try again.

Error 0x85010017

Note: Server Settings in Outlook app is

I am loathe to delete the account in Outlook app and recreate as I might loose my mail history.

This is a desperate issue as this account is the one I use for such things as my MVP and OEM communications with Microsoft.

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