“Something went wrong” Sign-in error with X-Auth-Error field - ADDriveStoreAccessNonLocalException

Customers who encounter a “Something went wrong error page” need to click on the more details link to expose the full error message.  If the X-Auth-Error field shows ADDriveStoreAccessNonLocalException please attempt to sign in to your account by going directly to http://outlook.live.com/OWA

Error screenshot:

If your account does not include a Microsoft domain (hotmail.com, outlook.com, live.com, msn.com) please try the following if you still cannot access your account via http://outlook.live.com/OWA


  1. Add another alias to your account and make it primary.  Or, if you already have an account alias, make it primary:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12407/microsoft-account-manage-aliases

  2. Rename your account to something else:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/11545/microsoft-account-rename-your-personal-account

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thanks.  That is the exact error that I continue to get.  I am saving the info you provided so that I can create an alias later. I was able to use outlook 2013 and it shows all my emails, to include my folders.  So for now that will work for me (even though, I don't care or outlook 2013).  Oh well.............better than nothing. 

Thanks - I've made a different alias my primary, and that allows me to access that e-mail through outlook.com. I still can't see the inbox for my main e-mail address that I use in Outlook 2016 (my original primary account), but I'll wait a few days and then switch primary account back to see if that works. 

Fantastic.  Thank you so much, I have followed your instructions and I can now see my emails.  Busy getting what I need and moving everything over to gmail.  Don't want to risk having to go through this again.

Thanks again.

My Error is different to the Subject Error of this message.

X-ClientId: 462FB736A44148A591EB7C9CBC47B769
X-Auth-Error: LiveTransientHRESULTException
X-FEServer: AMSPR04CA0052
X-BEServer: DB5PR07MB0775

The Links to Signing In you provided did not work. I have not changed my Outlook.com primary using one of my aliases. I understand I will lose my primary Sign In as it ends @hotmail.com. I am reluctant to change anything until I "understand" the consequences and whether this will work for "my" Error. :-)


Ok  things haven't improved. I can't access my primary e-mail through Outlook.com (my primary e-mail is a talktalk.net email address). It works fine in Outlook 2016 but not in Outlook mail.

I tried a new alias which is an outlook.com address and that works fine, but I need to resolve the talktalk.net problem. This is my main e-mail I've used for years without any problems in outllook 2010 and earlier.

I'm having the same problem. I already tried creating a new alias and making it my primary alias but it didn't work. I also tried deleting all old alias but I still wasn't able to login in to my Mailbox. OneDrive works perfectly fin, but as soon as i change to people, calender or mail i get a screen where it is loading the mailbox and then i get the error message.

The problem with being unable to Sign in to Outlook.com has been going on for years. People are struggling and trying to sort things out themselves, and in my case without any real idea how computers work. Although there are attempts to help on the Forums, surely this is a something that Microsoft should be sorting out?

Some one once said to me, "A little knowledge is dangerous." I would rather not blow up my PC because of my ineptitude! 

I don't know if someone did something but since yesterday evening everything works again.

I don't know if someone did something but since yesterday evening everything works again.

Mine is still playing up. :(

The primary alias you are using - was it one you already had or one you created to make it the primary alias?

If it was newly created I wondered whether your new primary alias took a while for it to be 'seen' - if you get my meaning. Just a thought. ;-)

I created a new alias and made it my main alias -> it didn't work. After that i switched the main alias back, it still didn't work. I had to wait one week to change the alias again. I created a new alias made it my main alias an deleted the other two alias. I logged out, logged in again and added the two other alias again. After a few hours the mailbox worked again.

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