Outlook POP3 cannot connect / sync - error 0x800CCC0F


I connect to my Outlook emails via POP3 with Outlook Express.

Yesterday 19/11/19 I've had problems synching intermittently with several Outlook addresses and today 20/11/19, all Outlook addresses will not sync. The error is:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: 'X', Server: 'pop-mail.outlook.com', Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

Up until yesterday POP3 sync has been working fine since creation (1-2 years), now none of them work.

AV and firewall have been checked

Local router rebooted

Alternative POP3 server used

Credentials checked on all accounts plus via outlook.com

fixmapi run (just for fun)

I'm thinking it's an Outlook server issue, but there must be many people using POP3 and not a lot of shouting if it's down.

Has anyone else experienced POP3 issues over the last 2 days and resolved them?

Thanks, Em


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Some of my alternate email POP3s use port 110 and they are fine.

All Outlook POP3s use port 995 and have connection error as noted above.

Pulled ethernet and tried synching Outlook Express and errors returned on POP3 :110 mailboxes were different to :995 mailboxes.

Port scanned and couldn't find anything amiss, no external ISP blocking if I interpreted the results properly.


POP3 access is now restored mysteriously, magically on it's own so I put it down to MS servers.

My next troubleshooting would be setting up a gmail which also uses port 995 and trying to sync that to Outlook Express to completely rule out port issues.

I would also re-create my accounts in Outlook Express using IMAP instead of POP3 and see if that worked.


All Outlook accounts have failed to sync again via POP3 using port 995.

Synched a gmail account via POP3 and port 995 and that account syncs no problem.

Has any one any ideas / same issue?

I'm also having the same issue, except with Outlook 2003. Have done all the above including updating my pop3 server to the one on my web mail but nothing seems to work.

Some more troubleshooting:

I installed another popular email client and my Outlook emails using POP3 sync to that just fine.

I replaced the local router as the old one was becoming degraded and no change to Outlook Express (it still won't sync to Outlook POP3).

When I pulled out my ethernet cable and tried to sync my mail using Outlook Express the error code I received for non @outlook.com addresses was different to 0x800CCC0F. My theory about that is once the ethernet has been pulled all error codes should be the same as they all hit the 'no connection' at the same time on their way out.

As some other replies to the 0x800CCC0F error indicate antivirus or firewall blocking (and it's not in this case), it suggests the POP3 sync request is not leaving my PC/network.

Because the error codes between outlook.com and other.com email addresses were different when my ethernet was pulled it suggests to me that the attempted POP3 sync is being blocked closer to the source - either within Outlook Express itself or by the OS.

As my system is old, it doesn't get updates and both my OS and OE are unsupported so a windows update can be ruled out.


Mail briefly synched via Outlook Express POP3 ok for about 5 minutes, then died again.


I might try and uninstall antivirus and change the ethernet cable. Or I might just continue to use the different *working* email client - I haven't decided yet.

Ive been having the same problem for a couple of weeks. It started sporadically and restarting my mail client would usually fix it. Now for the last few days it errors all the time. I went through everything in the support area and finally gave up and rebuilt my computer. But the problem is still there.
I've also had this problem over the last couple of days.  I've been using Outlook Express / Outlook on my (old) pc to download my MSN.com email for many years, and have successfully sync with it when MSN transferred to from outlook.live.com. Tried all the suggestions on server names and port numbers for MSN/ Live etc.
As a work-around I've just gone on to outlook.live.com and set up email forwarding to my other email address which still can be downloaded to Outlook Express. Not ideal, but I would be interested if there is a solution to this very recent problem of MSN/ Hotmail (and whatever other email addresses on Outlook.live.com) not now being accessible to Outlook Express.  Guess 17 happy years of using XP and Outlook 2002 and  Outlook Express may be finally coming to an end  :(

I too have this exact same problem using OE & POP to access my hotmail address.

Started intermittently 4 or 5 days ago and then failed to work at all. Today, Sunday 24th, it worked briefly around 13:00 hrs (GMT) with 3 or 4 successful connections and downloaded messages from past few days. But it has not worked again since. Webmail access is fine and I can send & receive messages using that without problem. The issue lies with POP & SMTP.

In the last couple of days I have not been able to sync once with OE. However, prior to that and after the problems started I could also sync within a small window of say 10 minutes at exactly the same time as SteveSurrey, which is very curious.

I mentioned about swapping my ethernet cable - a year or so ago I had the same issue with @outlook not synching reliably and a cable swap fixed that. I put it down to possibly a degraded termination perhaps being sufficiently broken to cause interference when setting up the connection to the POP server. I guess it's clutching at straws.

I'm merrily using the other popular email client now and not had one failed sync to any POP3.

The only difference I can see is OE POP3 uses SSL on port 995. The other mail client uses TLS.

Looking at down detector 18/19th November outlook.com had enough reports to generate an 'outage', which is basically when my problem started.

Perhaps Outlook upgraded and withdrew support for an old version of SSL we use on OE. 

If this was done deliberately by Microsoft then we should have gotten a notice and our prime subscription refunded.

I believe it has been over 2 years that Microsoft has been making untested irritating changes to Live/Hotmail. It is time that ALL the people working on these changes need to be fired and then hire Professional Designers, Professional Programmers, and Professional Quality Control personal before anymore changes are made to the mail program except to fix the broken problem.

Does Microsoft have it's head in the Cloud and unable to provide quality programming for it's products?

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