How to create a new free Microsoft email account

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Would you like to create a new, free email account using Microsoft Here's how you can open a new email account. You will be asked to "Open a Microsoft Account", you can use this same web page to create a new email account.

To create a new email account on

1.  Connect to Microsoft, using this link.

a.       Note: This link will lead you to the Microsoft Account page.
          You will use this page to create a new email account. 
          Don’t let the page title throw you off. You are on the right page!

2.   Add your name (and a few more fields), then add the email name you’d like to use.

a.       Note: The site will let you know if this email name is available or if by chance,

          someone else has already selected this same email name.

          If someone else already is using it, select a new, unique email name.

3.  Add the other requested information.

a.       Tip: You will be requested to add 2 ways Microsoft can to get ahold of you,

          so think of an alternate email account and phone number to provide.

4.  After you complete the steps, a new email address will be created. 
You will automatically be connected to your new email account,
and you can send your first email.

5.  You can check your email:  from anywhere, by connecting to:

a.       Note: If you are using the same computer you used when you created your new email, you won’t have to enter your password.  When you use a different computer, laptop, tablet, or phone – you can easily check your email by entering your email address and password.  Enjoy emailing.

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Just yesterday (July 22 2015) I made a new Hotmail account for the window 10 setup.  I put in all the needed info name phone number (in the US) and log in without any problem.  Got to the inbox fine.  Send an email to test to my gmail account that I entered at setup and got a pop up box saying I had to verify my account by entering my mobile number.

I do not have a mobile number, as I will be out of the country for 3 months.  I use Google voice to make calls on my laptop.

How do I get around this?  

PS.  During setup I never got to a screen that asked ANYTHING about a security question.

I am attempting to establish an account but when identifying myself as a real person I am told the web page cannot be reached.  I need an 800 phone number to talk to tech support at Microsoft.

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