Bombarded with spam email from .xyz - fixed

For all of those who could not figure out how to get rid of spam email from domains like .xyz - I (with help from Outlook people) figure it out

Outlook support response:

"When you block an email address/domain then the emails from that sender will always arrive in your Junk folder instead of Inbox folder, there is now way of permanently stopping an email from receiving into your mailbox. If the emails from blocked senders/domains are directly arriving in your Junk folder, the Inbox rules are not applicable on those emails because as the name suggests these rules are only applicable for Inbox and not for any other folder."

So what this means is to eliminate the unwanted domains completely, do not block them (blocking them puts them in to Junk Emails folder flooding it), but use the sweep rules to delete them permanently and it works - the spam emails get deleted permanently and I don't even see them in Delete bucket. Mission accomplished!!!

Here is the rule I used for the 3 domains that was bumbarding my inbox multiple times a day for a long time:

rules to delete the following domains:,, and

- from Options->Mail->Inbox and sweep rules, create new rule

Name="Block SPAM Domains"

When the message arrives, and it matches all of these or or (add your spam domains into the list)

Do all of the following=Delete the message

Stop processing more rules (checked)

Good luck!!!


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hello yupe I get bombarded  every day and since they change domain every time I don't

this will work . You should post a screen capture cuz creating a rule with the actual form is like reading chinese I don't get it , its like outlook dose'nt want us to eliminate THERE spammers from witch they get money to spam us

I tried his method, but like you said, since they change domain every time, it doesn't work. Seems there is nothing to do to stop receiving these sh!ts, which I find strange.
Hi, yeah, the method I used worked for a while but recently I start getting spam storms again from the same sites. I've opened new support ticket with Microsoft Outlook team to see what they think now - no answer yet. Will keep you posted.

This method doesn't work because most of these emails are landing in the Junk folder immediately so the Inbox rules can't and don't apply.

Instead I've been using this website to report each and every spam email I get from them in hopes they are able to block and report abuse to their providers for a more permanent solution that benefits everyone else too.

I've been using it for about a week now and I've just noticed now I am not receiving mail from and and instead they are using a new domain '' to attack me but I'll give it a few days before I can confirm that using spamcop has been a result of this or not.

Thanks for the info, fellow.
I'll report them too, but as I said, they were quite for a while and then came back again. Let's see how it works out for you
Thanks for the tip - started using this spam reporting site; will update you on progress
Start using the and found out that the old suspect is the source of the new spam domains and - just FYI
Might be too early to tell but I've stopped receiving their spam for over 24 hours now. Fingers crossed this is permanent!

Today, I start having issues to report spam to - any idea why that could be, since just last week I was able to report same spam sites just fine.

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