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Git makes OneDrive sync constantly; resulting in high CPU usage

Magnus Anderson asked on


I've been using OneDrive to make sure I keep all my projects synced and safe. Recently I started using Git with VS Code. After a while I discovered that OneDrive was syncing something frequently, even tough I wasn't saving anything to the drive. It turns out that it's the Git projects FETCH_HEAD file that gets updated every minute that it resyncs on change.

It makes OneDrive sync this file every minute.

Is it possible to make OneDrive sync less frequently? Or perhaps to ignore the .git folder?

I don't know what to do with it as it is now, because it makes my computer slow down as OneDrive takes about 25% CPU because of this.

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shenlong replied on

You have to move

1. Move your working folder 📂 out of onedrive

2. Only put a bare git repository in one drive

3. Push your changes to the bare git repository after your commit. 

Most likely, your IDE is always locking and writing to the working folder, that's why putting in OneDrive will cause OneDrive to check for changes and continuously. 

-.- yoz...
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