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A strange thing has started happening over the past month: a Microsoft Word file, which is stored locally in my OneDrive folder and synced without issue, suddenly disappears whenever I first attempt to open it on any given day.

I then get the message: "We cannot open your file because we cannot find it. Have you moved or deleted it?" (or something to that effect).

I have neither moved, nor deleted it. All I tried to do was open it.

On the lucky occasions, it magically reappears after about five seconds and works fine, allowing me to open it again and carry on working.

However, on the unlucky occasions, it doesn't return and I frantically need to open OneDrive in my browser to download the server version of the file before my computer syncs, deleting the server version because it thinks it's gone!

I've had to start copying and pasting the file to my desktop before attempting to open it out of fear it will be lost forever. Yes, I've backed up in the event this fear is realised.

However, my frantic Plan B and Plan C preparations are not really an appropriate solution as this shouldn't be happening at all!

I'm running Windows 10 with all available updates installed (currently downloading KB3149135 and KB3163018).



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