Reneging on 'enthusiast bonus' agreement

Microsoft is now reneging on 'enthusiast bonus' and telling users they'll loose access to their files despite having told them in the initial agreement that uploaded files would remain 'read only' indefinitely unless they buy a plan. When I pointed out that they still have indications of this agreement live on their support pages, they ignored me and won't provide ticket #30099-96140 status or responses via the OneDrive team email support system that I opened my case with. How is such behavior not extortion? 'Pay up to keep the files we said you'd have accessible or get them off our servers.' They didn't even give me the one year promised to those who abused the ill thought out unlimited storage offer; I just get four months to clear off 15GB of the 200GB bonus which I used for shared family photo albums and got for buying a Windows 10 PC. I even bought a Lumia 550 directly from the Microsoft Canada web store where over the last 3 years I've spent >$500 CDN. I bought MS-DOS 6, Windows 3.1 and every flavour of it thereafter and this is how they value my loyalty?

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Where do they say that your files will be deleted?

Bottom left corner of my OneDrive web page and in a generic email reply when I opened OneDrive Support team ticket #30099-96140. Their agents don't even bother to read through my emails or complaints, just paste generic responses and even ask me to phone in for support but the phone system kicks me out.

Have you gotten your files off of the service?

Yes, it's not frozen until Oct. 6.

I was 15 GB over the limit (using 21 GB of the 200GB bonus) one week ago so I've done as much cleanup as I consider reasonable considering that what they're doing may be illegal.  I got the bunus by purchasing this PC and at the time of purchase, Microsoft's said the storage would go to read only when the 2 yrs expired so data and photos would still be accessible as long as you had the Microsoft/ account. You would have to cleanup space, renew or buy a storage plan.

Despite what people might hope for, Microsoft is not a charity. It is in business to make money.

Have you removed the excess files yet?

What's it to you if I've removed my files?

Your comment about being a charity is nonsense. Deceitful practices are illegal. I already provided the link where Microsoft web site falsely states:

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription or my bonus storage expires and I’ve exceeded my 5 GB free storage limit?

If you cancel your subscription or if your free storage bonus expires, your data will continue to be accessible. You'll be able to view, share, and download files on your OneDrive, but you won't be able to upload files until you buy more storage or free up space.

You're the one saying you can't get your files, but you seem to be more interested in complaining than working to solve the issue.

Good luck

This was in the agreement when I signed up for the product! I intend to file charges against Microsoft and sue them as well as criminal charges for breach of contractual agreements! I need my storage that I paid for this when I signed up for service to have unlimited they either need to refund us all our money or it is criminal plain and simple! I paid specifically for the unlimited data cause I use well over the TB storage and have a huge online storage need that's far beyond any harddrive space I intend to sue the hell outta them and file criminal fraud and theft charges as well this will not stand and I will ruin the entire company if they try this **** cause it is criminal they had an agreement with consumers that they are obligated to uphold by law! reneging something that was in agreed contracts and terms is illegal period!


you are an idiot the problem is that without one drive storage most people don't have enough space on computer hard drives etc for all their online and computer needs. I paid specifically to ensure all my data was able to be held and safe. PAID being keyword to deny me what we paid for is criminal fraud, and Theft! I honestly depend on one drive cause no hard drive in existence is large enough for all my files, games etc. it really is the only way I can live this honestly completely ruins my entire life as I am online and gaming a lot and need all the space. That's what I paid for and I will not allow them to deny me what I paid for and will ruin the entire company in court on principal if needed. By time I am finished with Microsoft in courts i'll own them! I do not stand for anyone screwing up my online and computer needs. as I use Microsoft on Xbox, on computer and on  phone for well over 1TB of necessities!

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