How to Completely Disable OneDrive

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This article has been replaced by official Microsoft documentation.


This article has been replaced by official instructions from Microsoft. Please refer to this webpage:

Turn Off or Uninstall OneDrive

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I am using Windows 7. I don't see any icon to right click, nor a settings to click. To my knowledge, I have done nothing to download OneDrive (SkyDrive). I try to send an email with a photo using Windows Live and somehow the photo is added with a small note that the photo album will be available on Sky Drive until some date. The email then fails to be sent with some error code. I look on Computer Panel, Programs and Features There is nothing called OneDrive or SkyDrive to uninstall.

I'm sure this is a great gadget! How do I get rid of it??

If it's not in the "Programs and Features" section then the desktop application isn't on your system. Please note, the OneDrive service is included with your Microsoft account so you still have OneDrive space and Windows Live Mail could still try to use it, but there's nothing installed on your system that syncs content to and from OneDrive.

I've recently used something called Roxio Creator which helps you produce slide shows and then stores them on SkyDrive for 45 days. I wonder if this application has SkyDrive access imbedded in it.

Nevertheless, I've sent emails with photos last week and now I can't.

I think I'll uninstall Roxio and see what happens.

Dear Microsoft team

I am experiencing some problems with Microsoft Word, which regularly hangs (not responding) while it is clearly checking something on the internet. This occurs when saving, when pasting links, etc.

I don't use OneDrive and currently have no intention to do so. I have seen that the problem above may be linked to my computer syncing with OneDrive. I have tried to disable all the functions, but syncing still seems to occur. 

What I'd like to do is to disable the OneDrive function completely (but not uninstall it yet, as I may want it later), so that my MS Office programs have no ongoing link to it. Is this possible? If so, please advise.

Many thanks, Chris

OneDrive is constantly giving me errors, mostly I get "OneDrive has stopped responding and needs to close." so I click close. and the other most common is "OneDrive has encountered a problem and needs to restart", on this one i click the "X". I have had OneDrive disabled for several months and I still get these errors. I'm a serious gamer and I find it extremely annoying to have my game forced out of fullscreen for these errors that are totally irrelevant to me, it even causes some of my older games to crash and interrupts me during online multiplayer game.

I have disabled everything to do with OneDrive in the settings but continue to get errors, I am using Windows 8.1 so I have no option to uninstall OneDrive from my computer.. any suggestions?

This gets ONEDrive off my computer but I still have the account. It still attempts to open files under this Onedrive. I've spoken with Microsoft (took me all day after being passed between several departments). The only way to remove Onedrive is to cancel my Microsoft account which means my e-mail address which I've had for 20 years.

Sadly it's time to go to Apple and start from scratch.

If you're using Office 2013 then you need to remove OneDrive from that as well; Office 2013 and Windows can connect to your Microsoft account independently of each other.

Are you sure you have the right procedures to remove  for 8.1 correct here? I right clicked on the one drive icon in the notification section on the lower right part of my screen. That did bring up settings. However I do not have the option to "unlink one drive" That part is simply not there. Can I go an try an system uninstall directly or woudl that mess up everything else-such as my and Hotmail Accounts.

FYI I do have Office 365 2014 on my computer. Is One Drive operating off that software suite?

I have tried the second option of disabling it from my computer. Everything has been turned off but it is still syncing and updating on the cloud.

What am I missing?  I appreciate all of your comments and interest. Thank you for your time.


You need to read the instructions specifically for Windows 8.1, not Windows 8.
This article was very helpful.  When I became aware that "OneDrive" was stealing copies of my personal files, I was quite concerned.  I don't know how to get  those copies deleted, but at least any new information will not be stolen (I hope).

* Please try a lower page number.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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