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Hi, about three weeks ago I noticed a massive jump in data usage, up to 70 Gb in a 24 hours period. After investigation I noted that unusually, it only seems to occur when the PC is idle, ie, generally overnight or at times I am not using the PC for an extended period. It such situations it will upload consistently at around 4 Gb per hour. I installed GlassWire and have isolated the issue to one PC (even though several devices connect to the router) and identified the culprit as OneDrive (host is a-1101.a-msedge.net). I recently upgraded to Windows 10 hoping this might resolve the issue, but no. So I assume it is something to so with the Onedrive sync settings. Telco usage reporting shows the issue starting on a specific date, and the clear pattern since. It is driving me nuts, I have now set my router to inactive overnight, but this is only a quasi-fix. If unmanaged I would blow a 250Gb data limit within a week. I am running Office365 using two PC's and 1 tablet, all synced to OneDrive and the same Outlook account. Any insight/help is appreciated. Thanks.  
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Thanks Anish. After much trial and error I believe I have located the issue. Around the time the issue started I added a data account in Outlook so I could access some historical emails. It was a 1GB .pst file. I have an Outlook folder in OneDrive which I essentially use as a backup. While testing I noted this file was constantly syncing. I subsequently removed it from OneDrive and stored locally, and since then there has been no further download/upload issues. I would note that my OneDrive account is mainly for work purposes and only stores 8GB of data. This is why a seeing 50GB upload between midnight and 6am was so unusual. Anyway, three days clear, so fingers crossed !

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