OneDrive storage plans are changing significantly

All or us who have enjoyed the better-than-average size of our free OneDrive storage are in for an awakening. Please read this: No more free 15GB camera roll, no more free 15GB normal storage (it will be reduced to 5GB). It appears that no one will be grandfathered in, either.

For those who subscribe to Office 365 Home, Personal, or University, the plans for providing unlimited OneDrive have been dropped. The max will be one TB.

The claim is that too many people abused the unlimited storage plans, so now we're all paying.


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I personally will not be renewing my subscription or my family and friends to whom I have recommended it.

Bad decision Microsoft, reverse it or you'll lose us all.

I'm indescribably disappointed with MS for this decision.  It's seriously putting in question of me getting the Lumia 950XL as my next device as this is such a slap in the face.  Without question, if they go forward with reducing my storage to 5GB I will not be using OneDrive any more.  One Drive was one of the top reasons keeping me on the Windows Phone.  Currently using 16 GB of my 30 GB of free space, if forced to reduce to 5 GB, I will just go ahead and reduce it to 0 GB and stop carrying the MS flag as they will have finally killed off this MS loyalist.

I will likely get some Android device and utilize Amazon Cloud Drive with unlimited photo storage, since they don't support Windows Phone.  Brilliant move MS & One Drive team. 

-Pissed Off (soon to be) Ex-Microsoft Loyalist

Amazon Cloud Drive is not free either, unless you're a member of Amazon Prime.

You can find additional information and details here:

I subscribed to Office 365 in June 2015, and there was no mention of unlimited space. It was offered with 1TB storage on OneDrive.

At the time Dropbox charged $9.99/mo for 1Tb, so I figured Office 365 was an even better deal, since I got 1TB for $6.99/mo and I get to use Office.

That's true, I happen to be an Amazon Prime member already so I have that option to utilize (as I'm sure do a lot of others).  

Even so, there's the 15 GB free storage from Google that non-Prime members can use.  So (strictly from a storage space standpoint) with this move Microsoft goes from being twice as good as the next best option, to allowing Google to be three times better.  From a competitive standpoint, that's just assinine.  If you're going to reduce free storage, at least keep yourself competitive and offer the same 15 GB.  Still a reduction, but not to the point of making your service obsolete.  

Still, taking away storage from what was promised after users have already utilized that storage is borderline criminal in my mind.  Someone compared this to drug dealing in another forum and if you think about it, it actually is like that.  MS offers their 30 GB of free cloud storage to the masses(promising the good stuff) and deeply integrates onedrive functionality to all it's products/services,  and gets many users hooked and utilizing their services to the point they've got onedrive deeply entrenched in their own processes.  Then suddenly they go "alright, no more good stuff unless you pay for it".  Tell me that isn't, metaphorically speaking, what a drug dealer would do.

That's what they're doing, and that's what is pissing everyone off about it.  On top of that, now I have to spend time managing/moving my photos and documents off of onedrive.  That time is taken from doing something else I'd much rather be doing (which is just about anything else as storage management is right up there with going to the dentist).  By forcing this on us, makes it even more personal, which makes me (and many others from reading the posts) quit using onedrive altogether.

All of this at a time that Microsoft was actually making good moves and improving their public image... I used to be holding the MS banner, saying"just wait and see, once it all comes together you'll see what Microsoft is doing and it'll be awesome".  It was just culminating to that point.  Now, it feels like they're stabbing us all in the back.  I'm dropping that banner, and leaving it in the muck to be trampled by all the users that will now be abandoning onedrive (and who knows what else we'll decide not to use from MS after this).

My apologies in advance for the long post.

I think this really puts Windows Phone in an accelerated downward tail spin. There were already so many reasons a WP didn't make sense. And now that our only WP cloud storage option has been drastically curtailed, other shortcomings of WP are highlighted. Not only is there less space for your documents and photos, Groove Music sounded promising but makes no sense now. On my Android devices I get unlimited photo storage and 50,000 songs that don't count against my storage. My WP can't sync since they cut my OneDrive off at 1tb a few weeks ago and I stopped using it to take my odometer readings even- back to Android and Google Drive and Google Music it is. Argh!

The announcement was in fact very strange. I think parts were later removed, but they sounded like they watched all the videos in somebody's collection- like how did they know  they were DVRs?! And there was a math proposition that mentioned the 75tb "abuser" in comparison to the average user that made it sound like on average OneDrive users were not using much at all. 

The real problem however is that they were advertising unlimited storage in public, and telling many like me in private that there was only 1tb cap and more storage costs extra. This was well before the new announcement mentioning future limits on OneDrive.

I hope OneDrive will at least reconsider its Free 15GB normal Storage , and Free 15 GB Camera roll as these 2 features are very attractive for a regular user and this is one of the reasons for which he opts for OneDrive.
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Did the clocks just fast forward to April 01 and it's perhaps it's  a April Fools joke. Sorry, why would I waste one cent on a subscription when I can run down to Best Buy and purcahse a 1Tb HD for $50.00.

Honour your commitment for the 15Gb for the current users, if you have issues with users who abuse the unlimited, then go after them.


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