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A year ago W10 comes out with OD integrated. The size of free storage was what made it a useful tool to try out and to use. Had you started with a 5Gb limit I'd have known it wasn't for me. A year on and I have just received an email telling me of intended product changes reducing this storage. I feel like I've been lured in, hooked and now had my service snatched away unless I pay.

Am I the only one left wondering whether that was MS's intention all along?

MS have just made a useful tool less useful by reducing the free storage. You could have done this moving forwards but instead you have decided to apply the changes retrospectively as well.

You could easily have decided not to apply this change retrospectively. How much would it have cost? You could have easily decided not to alienate large numbers of users (my assumption but if its not large then you could/should have left us alone anyway).

I won't be buying any additional storage and i don't want O365. So once again I'm having my time wasted having to unwind system changes as a result of an MS change of product policy - after a year.

It really is no wonder that you've fallen behind the likes of Apple and Google - not having anything to do with MS products or services becomes more attractive with each poorly thought out business decision I'm affected by.

Thanks MS.


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Hey there, Sid Cheeseburger

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Microsoft is doing this to everyone, as they are wanting to improve their servers and services. They did have it so Office 365 users would be able to have unlimited storage, however, this has been taken away from them as well, and replaced to 1TB of free storage.

If you are wanting to suggest a feature to Microsoft, about OneDrive, then you can do so through their uservoice page here:


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Hi Nathan, many thanks for the response, particularly the pointer to the User voice page - as has been said by many other people, MS don't seem to want to make it easy for their ordinary users to complain/interact with them.

I know this has been targeted at everyone and I understand the need to improve infrastructure but the change over such a short timescale makes this a poorly thought out business decision, particularly if financially driven. It means whoever ran the numbers got their sums wrong at the start. Either that or it was intentional (which i suspect). Well run businesses don't treat their customers in this way - unless of course you don't care about them.

Thanks again (and sorry for the rant).


Absolutely no question this is their intention all along. I don't know why Microsoft is even bothering to still play patty cakes with us. They just need to get on with charging monthly fees. Their intention from the beginning!