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Christopher Webb asked on

I think I already know the answer to this one, but I was wondering whether there was an API for the Excel Web App? Specifically, I was wondering if it was possible (or if it will be possible in the future) to expose data in a spreadsheet in the Excel Web App as an OData feed, in the way that it is possible with Excel Services?



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Dan B [MS] replied on

Hi Chris,

Clayton is right that we don't have an API for the Excel Web App that's available through SkyDrive now, though we do have a few that are available through Excel Services that is part of SharePoint (I'm not sure which you are referring to).  In SharePoint we have:

  • a SOAP Web Service
  • a javascript OM available in the browser
  • a REST API

More details on all of these are available here:

None of these return odata today, but I'd be very interested to hear the scenarios that you're thinking of for using Excel in this type of situation.


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