Q: New OneNote Screen Clipping Notification Appears

Ever since the fall Windows 10 updates this week, I have had a new screen clipping notification appear that is driving me crazy because I take at least 50-100 screen clippings a day for note-taking purposes.

Yes, I have always had the "disable screen clipping notifications" box under the options checked so have not had a problem with it until this week. 


The new notification is in a slide out black box at the bottom right, near the navigation bar, and says: "The screen clipping was created successfully. You can paste it into..."

Please help me get rid of this.



Actually yes!

Go to "Notifications & Actions" settings, then "Show notifications from these apps".

Turn off the "Send to OneNote Tool".

Hope it works for you too.


Please make these sorts of notifications easier to turn off. They are incredibly annoying (a chime AND a black rectangle taking up the screen corner) when they suddenly appear after never being there before, especially if they're coming up every single time you do something that happens a ton of times per session. Should be like a right click and "turn off notifications" thing.

Did this resolve your issue?

Sorry this didn't help.

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