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I created a template in OneNote 2013 and named it incorrectly.  I would like to delete it from the list in My Templates, as I don't want to accidentally select it for use later.  How can I delete it?  It's been a while since I used OneNote (several years ago), but I seem to remember a Template Manager of sorts.  Is that still available in ON2013?  If so, how do I get to it?

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Noyonima H [MSFT] replied on

Hi everyone,

Following up on this issue --

A fix was released with update 16.0.7466.2038 for OneNote 2016 on Nov 11 to resolve this matter. To download the update right away, open any Office app and click File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

After you install the update, you should be running version 1610 (build 7466.2038). Please let us know if the Delete button is enabled again. We look forward to your confirmation on this thread.

Thank you for your patience,


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JC_1975 replied on

For anyone interested...  I figured out a way to delete my template.  Using my nifty Surface Pro 3 pen, I selected the template in question (under My Templates drop down) and a menu appeared that allowed me to select "delete". 

Random button-pushing sometimes pans out.... 

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