Insider Fast: Our initial 64-bit release of Office 2016 for Mac is now live!

Hello Office for Mac Insiders,

We have released the first drop of a fully 64-bit version of Office 2016 for Mac to the Insider Fast channel! The update number is 15.25 (160630). I do encourage Insider Fast users to install this update and give it a test. We want to know about any problems you encounter as soon as possible, so that we can make sure we address them before the official release.

This is a huge update for Office and something that we have been working towards for a very long time. I’m thrilled to finally have it available for testing!

The Insider Fast channel is intended for early adopters and those wanting the earliest view into upcoming releases, and the 64-bit version will progress to the Insider Slow channels and to widespread publication over time. I can’t speak to a specific date for that wide release for you yet, so please send us your feedback as soon as you can.

To learn more about the move from 32-bit to 64-bit Office, including information about add-ins, see Mac Office and the Transition to 64-bit. For details about the Insider Fast program, including options for getting in touch or reporting bugs, see Announcing Office Insider Fast for Mac Insiders.



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Looks like this issue is fixed.  MAU found new build (15.25 - 160713) today and updated office to 15.25.  I've been trying to get this build for the last 3 days as mentioned in the above comments.
Do you have a link to this build? My MAU is not finding it.


Since this morning MAU proposes me the 15.25 version....coool...and i worked with it since a few hours and no problem ;)


Luke, do you see it now? If not, I'll hunt down the link.
Vamsi, you should be seeing the update now. Can you try again? The build number is 15.25 (160713). If you're still having trouble, I'll track down the link for you.
Great! Thanks for letting us know.
Yep! I see it now. Thanks for the support Anneliese and team.

Yes, the transition is automatic. You can verify that the apps are running in 64-bit mode with the Activity Monitor application from your Utilities folder. Launch Activity Monitor, right-click in the tabs at the top of the CPU view, and turn on the "Kind" field. The app will now show you which processes are 32-bit vs 64-bit.

I am on 15.24 build when i checked from activity monitor it shows 64bit. How can it be?

Is 15.24 version is 64 bit also?

Yes, the Office for Mac Insider Slow level is also 64bits now which is 15.24 (160707).


It's finally happened, Microsoft has released an update for the applications in the Office suite  >>  Office 2016 for Mac - 15.25   -->>  64 bits.

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Thank you for your feedback.

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