Calling all students and researchers on Android phone 5.0 and higher!


UPDATE: We discovered a bug with OS 4.0 and lower, our OS requirements have changed to 5.0 and up.


 Academic research. Simplified.

Is your conference submission looming?

                                                                  Are you ready to publish your research?

                                                        Sourcerer can help!

Hello Insiders!

Are you curious to learn about new apps and goodies for Office Insiders from Microsoft? Are you an undergraduate, graduate, PHD student, or full-time researcher, with an Android phone 5.0 or higher? If yes, then read on.

Introducing Sourcerer, an early version of a brand new app, brought to you exclusively by the Office Insider program in affiliation with Microsoft Garage, the central hub for experimental projects from Microsoft.

We're currently looking for 20-50 curious minds to try out the app in a small, private study. Learn more below.

What is it?

We've been working with Microsoft Garage to build an app that makes the research process easier for students. Our goal is to offer an app that helps students save time and makes research quick and intuitive.

What are we looking for?

       • Students (undergrads, grads, PhD candidates) and full-time researchers who will be actively working in August/September on an  academic research project (could be on any topic, from any department).

       • Participants have an Android phone with OS 5.0 or higher (To check your version, go to Settings > System > About phone.)

       • Participants who are willing to try out the app for one month for their research. 

       • Location doesn’t matter—we can communicate remotely on email, Skype, etc.

What do you need to do?

       • Email us ( and tell us you want to participate.

       • Keep doing your research, and use Sourcerer when appropriate.

       • Fill out a short survey when you install the app.

       • Fill out a follow-up survey two weeks later.

       • After a month of usage, participate in a phone/Skype interview so we can get your feedback on our app.

What’s in it for you?

       • Speed up your academic research

       • Help shape a new tool for your fellow researchers

       • Be a leading voice in the Office Insider community

How do I give feedback?

There are two ways to provide feedback or get support:

       • Send your feedback from within the app. 

       • Email us at

Feel free to forward and share this page with friends and others who are interested in participating.

We can't wait to see how you like Sourcerer, an innovative Microsoft Garage project that we love and believe in. Sign up today!


The Office Insider team

To all insiders, just sent an Email. Please comment on an ETA for the Email Response. Thanks. 

Hey Praveen, you will receive an email in the next few hours. Thanks!

To all the wonderful people who have replied to our post - thank you so much for your enthusiasm and for the great feedback we got from you so far. We'd love to hear more from women who want to give Sourcerer a try. Your perspective is valuable and we want to make sure it is heard.


The Sourcerer team.


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