Q: Looking to switch from MSN Premium to Office 365 Home

Many years ago,  Microsoft came out with a service called MSN8 which today is known as MSN Premium.  Back when MSN8 came out,  I got it for 3 primary reasons.

                    1. A primary e-mail account with secondary e-mail accounts for other family members.

                    2. Junk mail filtering.

                    3. Extra storage.  (This is no longer an issue since the free version gives me more than I what I used to pay for.)

The above reasons are still important to me.  I would like to drop my MSN Premium subscription and switch to Office 365 Home subscription however before I do that,  I need to know the following.

                     1.  Does now support secondary e-mail accounts for free?  If not then will Office 365 give me that?

                     2.  Can I keep my primary Hotmail e-mail address and secondary Hotmail e-mail address as they are and use them in Office 365?

                     3. Will I still have Junk mail filtering?

                     4. Who can I contact to make the switch?



GAAD supports 5 per year (15 for life), Office 365 many more

2-Possibly dependent on it domain. (ie @MSN, @Hotmail, etc)

3-Yes in both (offices filters are much, much better)

Some Office 365 links

Office has many more features and is much more customizable as you would expect for a laid solution.

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