FIXED 3/4/16: Problems with POP accounts in Outlook 2016: Email is deleted from server or duplicated in Inbox This thread is locked from future replies

UPDATE - 3/9/16


Hi everyone,

We're locking this discussion thread, which has grown too large to be manageable; we are concerned that potential issues are getting lost in the comments.

If you haven't already, please follow the steps in KB 3145116 to update your copy of Office. If you still have trouble after that, verify that the update installed correctly (you should be on version 16.0.6568.2036). Keep in mind that after applying the update, emails may be duplicated one last time - but this should only be a one-time thing, if it happens at all. The KB article provides steps on how to remove those duplicates under the More Information section of the article.

If you've done all of the above and are still seeing duplicate emails or server deletion issues, we ask that you start a new thread in the Outlook 2016 forum so we can follow up with you individually. To do that, click Participate > Ask a Question at the top of this page. The more detail you can provide in the new thread, the better (symptom you're seeing, version of Outlook 2016 you're on, etc.)

Thank you.

UPDATE - 3/4/16


Hi everyone,

We’re in the process of rolling out an Office update now (version 16.0.6568.2036), which will fix the following POP3 bugs:

  • After Outlook downloads your email, all the email messages on the server are deleted from the Inbox.
  • Email messages are downloaded multiple times in Outlook, causing duplicate items.

To get the update immediately, open Outlook 2016, and then click File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now.

Note  After the update, Outlook may download all email one final time, which isn't ideal, but may be necessary to fully fix things. If this occurs and email is duplicated in your Inbox, you can use the method described in the "More Information" section in this article (KB 3145116) to remove the duplicates.



We want to let you know about issues we're seeing with Outlook 2016 and POP3 accounts. If you have the most recent Office 365 update installed (version 16.0.6568.2025), your emails may get deleted from the server or you may receive duplicate emails in your inbox.

The Outlook team is aware of the problem and actively investigating the issues. We'll update this post and KB 3145116 as more information becomes available. You can click on the Subscribe button at the bottom of this page to receive notifications whenever this post is updated.

For now, please try workaround steps provided in this article (KB 3145116):

  • Configuring your email account to use IMAP settings instead of POP3 (only if your email provider supports this).
  • Reverting to an earlier version of Office 2016 via uninstall of latest update.

IMPORTANT If you disabled the "Remove from server after <x> days" option in Outlook 2016 to fix the delete email issue you're probably now getting duplicate emails in your inbox. To avoid both problems, please re-enable the "Remove from server" option and use one of the other workarounds listed in the KB article.

Thanks for your patience in this matter. We are treating this issue with the highest priority as we work to fix the problem.

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