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Was running active subscription to Office 365 when I came across the Office 2016 upgrade.  Installed the upgrade, activated the apps, no apparent problem, until I ran OneNote the second time (opened once, closed, and re-opened).

Following errors appeared in sequence:

[framed message: [We're Sorry, OneNote is cleaning up from the last time it was open.  Please wait.]

in another error block (framed message): [It looks like OneNote is having trouble starting right now.  If you keep seeing this message, restart computer]

Restart, open OneNote once, attempt to open again, same 2 framed messages appear, and OneNote does not open.

Re-Installed both 32-bit, and 64-bit versions,  ran as administrator, moved location of source one-note package from PC to OneDrive and vice versa.  Tried PowerShell add and remove.  Still no joy.

Called Office 2016 help in India.  Confused as I am.  Scheduled to talk with Level II support in a few days.

Any one have this problem?



Delete the notebook cache from the location "C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote" and then open onenote.
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