Q: Excel 2016 - Formula not working, error message

Hi everyone,

When entering a formula, this error keeps coming up. I have checked that I am entering the code correctly and when I send this document to colleagues and they enter the same formula it works without this message popping up. What am I doing wrong?? HELP! 



Hi KirstyHaynes,

You have type a formula in Cell A1, and given the formula with reference for Cell A1.

the error would be appear on screen 

You want to result in Cell A1, and your data is in A2. So why you get the reference in formal for cell A3, or whenever you missed the typing of = sign.

Please type the =LEFT(B3,B) 

check the result.

Hope this will be helpful for you.


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Please enter following formulas and let us know if it gives error -

= 1 + 1

= A1+B1



It it gives error in all cases, I will suggest that you repair your Excel.

Repair the office installation -


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