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I  am a  fast, hunt-and-peck typist.   Over the years, I have developed a  mess of typing idiosyncrasies and  typos that keep repeating themselves over and over again. In addition,  there are many words  I  repeatedly use which I would like to short-cut into auto-correct.   I have already placed a great number of these into an auto correct mode.  My question:  is there a danger of “over-loading” my auto-correct file to a degree where it would slow down the overall performance of my Word 2013?  Thank you.

Tom Bundrick

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There is an archived article at that details limits for Word 2002 and earlier but seems to be still applicable. A more general article for Word 2007 to Word 2013 ( doesn't mention AutoCorrect. An earlier article (, for Word 97) list more "Operating Parameter Limitations and Specifications" but again doesn't mention AutoCorrect. Like many features in Word, it seems to be limited only by resources (RAM and HD space).
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