Q: Where is "ignore rule" in Word 2013?

I cannot find "Ignore rule" in grammar and spelling check for Word 2013. Further, I cannot find any documentation that indicates it exists in this edition of Word.

Did Microsoft get rid of this awesome feature? How is that possible?





Hi, I was having the same problem, but someone in this thread suggested the feature had not been removed (as it wasn't in a list of removed features), but simply "missed" in the new UI.


This made me wonder if perhaps there was a way to use VBA to create a macro that would directly access the "ignore rule" button.


It didn't take me long to discover that Word 2013 actually contains the "old-style" spelling and grammar check UI, complete with the "ignore rule" option, still working but not normally accessible.


If you are a VBA beginner the following are detailed instructions:


In word, hit Alt+F11 to open VBA

Right click on "Normal" in the left hand side project pane, and select "Insert" and "Module"

Right click on the module you've selected and select "View Code"

In the right-hand side window, paste the following:


Sub OldStyleSpellcheck()
' OldStyleSpellcheck Macro
' This macro open the old (2010) style Spelling and Grammar window
End Sub


Now close VBA


If you want a quick way to access this macro, in Word go to "File", "Options" and select "Quick Access Toolbar". Under the drop-down menu "Choose commands from" select "Macros" and you should see the Normal.Module.OldStyleSpellCheck. Select it and click the "Add > >" button to move it to your toolbar. You can use the "Modify" button to change it's appearance.


After hitting OK you'll see the icon for this macro along the top of word in the Quick Access Toolbar. You can click this instead of the usual spell check button and it will run the "old style" word spell check window, allowing you to select "ignore rule" as you always could!


Would be nice if Microsoft incorporated this feature into the new UI instead of required such a rigmarole to get to it.

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