Track Changes - Missing Comments and Deletions in Word 2013 But Everything Shows in Word 2010

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I have a Word document. I open it up in Word 2013 to view all my comments and deletions that I have created using Track Changes. I noticed that there are comments and deletions missing which I created.

I open up the same document in Word 2010 and I can see all my comments and deletions. Nothing is missing.

What could possibly be the issue?

Is there a setting that needs to be configured in Word 2013 to view all comments and deletions?

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In Word 2013, click Review | Show Markup | Balloons | Show Revisions in Balloons (if it isn't already selected). If that doesn't help, click the dialog launcher in the Tracking group (on the Review tab).

In the dialog box, click Advanced Options. Verify that the formatting for tracked items is what you want. For example, make sure that deletions are shown as strikethrough.
Stefan Blom, Microsoft Word MVP
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