How can I get rid of the phrase "you're good to go" from spell checker in Microsoft Office.

How can I get rid of the phrase "you're good to go" from spell checker in Microsoft Office.

This is an American phrase and as I am English I do not want this every day on spell checker.

How can I have this removed. My language setting is set to UK English, why do I therefore have to have this American English.

Would love to say "you're good to go" to "you're good to go!"

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How to “remove” a word from Word's main spelling dictionary

Editing a Custom Dictionary

I guess you are referring to the message in the dialog box? As far as I know, you can't change it or get rid of it.
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Hi Ian,

I share your dislike of this crass Americanism, it grates with me every time I see it. What was wrong with “The spelling and grammar check is complete” what's next "you're good to go, have a nice day"

What’s really f~cking annoying is that not only is it a wholly crass phrase – it’s also largely wrong. Checking spelling doesn’t mean you’ve finished with a document and even if I have finished proofing something I’ve written it doesn’t mean “I’m good to go”… I write for a living – I’ll make that decision myself.


Bottom line: I don’t want my computer to talk bollocks and sound like it was designed by an illiterate teen. So Microsoft, how about every time you complete a simple task your computer tells you “Well done!”


I want to tell my computer what to do, not have it patronise me… complete with exclamation marks and friggin’ teen speak.

This has done more to make me detest Microsoft and everything they stand for than anything else.

The combination of arrogance, ignorance, and self-satisfied pomposity is a daily irritation.  And then they wonder why most of the world hates Americans.   

Go back to Word 2010.

MS really dumbed-down (sorry, another americanism, even though I'm not from the US) the spell checking and autocorrect in Word 2013, and you're right--instead of "being cool," it's downright irritating.

Jacques Raubenheimer
@ac60: I could not agree with you more!  Well said!

Want to add my 2 cents to how extremely irritating and patronizing this phrase is.

Microsoft, please delete it. We are professionals using your product here.

I agree entirely.

In fact all the dialogue boxes in Office 2013 make me want to puke.

Many of these messages use the term "we", as in "we're finished now" or "we couldn't find what you were looking for".

Who is this "we"? Is there a crowd of people in the computer? It's a ridiculous use of English. There does not need to be any person involved. Just say "the spell checker has finished" or "no results were found".

And anyway, they are often grammatically incorrect. The correct phrase would be "we have finished".

Microsoft, you have lowered the tone of your product.

Some advice: keep dialogue boxes short, to the point, and factual. It would improve your product considerably.

I have had issue with this message box for a number of years. Years ago it read, "Spelling check is complete" and to refer to the feature as spelling check felt wrong -- it nauseates me. I normally refer to it as, in US English, spell check or spell checker.

I could easily ignore my visceral response to "Spelling check" but it pales in comparison to my disdain for the informal Monster energy drink fueled, sleep deprived, LINUX programmer addition of "You're good to go!" Really?

I suppose Windows tried to be cool by adding that. Rather than make Microsoft look cool, however, it makes it look disrespectful and overrun by a bunch of 20-somethings that exist solely to monitor Facebook or their Twitter feed.

Ranting aside,

I would like to see a formality setting for messages from the operating system. Much like internationalization (I18n) addresses the language between the end user and the operating system, formalization (F11n), would allow for interactions to have personality ranging from dude-speak "Duuuuude, you're good to go," to Orwellian new-speak, "There is a 10% increase in correct spelling this week. That's double-plus good," to the familiar and accurate "Spell check complete."

Alternately, if there's a way to edit the binary containing this and any other message in Windows 10, I would gladly support the hack (or start a business to create it).

Lastly, I've installed UBUNTU on what used to be my Windows 7 machine. I like it. I like it so much so that I'm "good to go" and install LINUX on this computer if need be. Just sayin'.

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