Q: Custom Template location of Word in Office 2013

Where can I find my custom Word templates in Office 2013?



In previous versions, when saving as a template from an Office application (e.g. - .dotx, .pptx, etc.), Office would automatically change the location to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates.


However, in Office 2013 this location is used to store templates from  To separate personal templates from templates, the default personal location was moved to C:\Users\username\Documents\Custom Office Templates.  All Office applications will save templates to this folder by default.


You can choose to override this setting by specifying a Personal Templates Folder.  This can be done by going to File > Options > Save and manually entering a folder path.  This needs to be done for each application, and for any application that does not have a Personal Templates path manually set, Office will create the Custom Office Templates folder the first time you save a template, and will set the Personal Templates path to this location.

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