Q: Why Outlook 2013 does not connect to ActiveSync type account but windows 8 Mail app does (at the same machine)?

As written in the subject:

- On the same Windows 8 Pro machine, on the same user account

- Windows Mail app is connected successfully to my corporate e-mail account ('Outlook' account type, use SSL connection, domain and user name specified)

- In Outlook 2013 the same account can't be connected (selecting 'ActiveSync' account type, specifying server name and user name, however there are no options to specify SSL and domain) - getting error message 'Log onto Exchange ActiveSync mail server (EAS): The server cannot be found.'


Anybody has an idea how to fix that?



Hi everyone,

Not sure if this works with custom domains, but it solved my issue where I had EAS working for the last two years on my Outlook 2013 account on my desktop, but then in June of 2016 it just stopped!

The issue with Exchange ActiveSync not working and server names like,, etc.,, etc., not working is because in June 2016 MS have migrated all accounts to Office 365, so now you need a "*** Email address is removed for privacy ***" alias on your MS account if you normally login a with a "*** Email address is removed for privacy ***" address. See the following two articles I found (only took me three weeks and many online hours searching, and talking with MS Support who didn't know what the issue was!) ...

Hope others who find this, find it useful!

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