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Onenote 2013 Printer Driver (Send to Onenote) is not installed

VilladsClaes86 asked on
There is no Send To Onenote-printer any longer.
Where has it gone?
You are told to repair office 2013 and nothing changes on the matter.
Make a download for installation of the driver
-Villads, projektansvarlig i Foretagsomheden
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jdgva1988 replied on

I was able to get OneNote back on Windows 8 with the following steps:

Go to Control Panel => Hardward and  Sound => Devices and Printers

Click Add a Printer (the Devices view will not let you add one on your own - it only lets you select from a list of found devices)

Immediately click "The printer that I want isn't installed" because there's no use waiting - it won't find it.

Click Add a local or network printer with manual settings

Select Microsoft Send to OneNote Driver

Select a port and click Next

Select Microsoft in the left box and Send to OneNote Driver in the 2nd box and click Next
Enter a printer name and click Next

etc. - select other options as desired.

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