Q: Download OneNote notebook from OneDrive without using OneNote

Here's the situation:

I have always used SkyDrive/OneDrive to hold my OneNote notebooks. Recently, our company decided that they were going to disallow connections to OneDrive from desktop applications (like Office 2013). They didn't tell us about this change of course. I needed to reinstall Office, and after I did, the desktop version of OneNote can no longer access OneDrive. In fact, I can't even link my Microsoft account (this is Win 8.1).

I can access my notebook from the OneNote web app, but I've been "encouraged" to move all our corporate info off of OneDrive. So, my question is, how in the world can I download my notebook from OneDrive and use it on my local PC? Every solution I've seen involves connecting the desktop version of OneNote to OneDrive, and I'm simply not able to do that.

I've got hundreds of pages of notes in there, so I'm really not looking forward to copy/pasting everything a page at a time. I'm really hoping someone has some great idea on how to save a local copy.

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Did you try to access OneDrive from Home ?

Anyway: Navigate with your browser to your notebook and then use Folder Actions to download a zip file:


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