if i uninstall microsft and re-install, will i be chagred?

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while Microsoft was installing, I lost internet connection and it stopped installing. now, It won't download anymore and when I try to start it again, it says that I have already redeemed my Microsoft. I was reading other questions' answers and they said that you could uninstall Microsoft and reinstall it. my question is, will I have to pay anymore money?
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NO, you do not have to pay any more.

The Office 2013 local install license allows you to install it on one machine at a time. You may re-install it on the same computer with no problem. 

FYI: The license terms for the 2013 "retail" has been retroactively changed to also allow you to transfer that installation to new devices if you need to (that does not apply to your current situation).

If you are talking about Office 365 (2013), then you are actually allowed to install on up to 5 devices at the same time, and to re-install on the same device.
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