Q: How to recover deleted Excel files?

HI soc! I’ve got a problem. I accidentally deleted the wrong Excel files,  and now I need to recover them. But I have no idea how to do it? I’ve tried everything I know. Maybe anyone of you knows some programs or tools, which can help me?

 My boyfriend will be shocked when he learns that I deleted his reports.

Please help me to hide this small crime ^^




Deleted files go into the recycle bin. Double click the recycle bin to open it, select the files you want to recover, right click and click 'restore' and they will be restored to the folder they were deleted from.

If you emptied the recycle bin then unless you (he) has a backup then you have a problem. You could try this.

Maybe you (he) mailed the files to someone in which case look in sent items of your mail.

Alternatively there is commercial software that claims to recover deleted files, Google for it.

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