outlook will not accept my user name or password

When I open Outlook a dropdown box asks for my user name and password.  I type in the pass word and it is not accepted.

How can I fix this

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What type of email account and who is your email with?
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Logon to your webmail and check if you are able to login with the password, if not then contact Internet service provider and if yes, follow the steps below.

If you are using POP or IMAP account check the link below.


<broken link>


<broken link>

If you are using Exchange account, contact your system admin for the issue.

This happens on Outlook 2013 with the exchange connector, I was able to log on to my Office 365 account and use OWA but not from my Outlook, the solution was:

1. In Outlook, go to the File ribbon, then select the Account Settings Button, then account settings, select the exchange account and click on "Repair...", it will prompt you for your credentials one more time.

2 Still on the account settings window, click on the "Data Files" tab and then  select the one that corresponds to the exchange account and select the "Open File Location", it will open an explorer window with the location of the .OST file

3 close the Account settings window, then on outlook, on the file Ribbon click "exit"

4 if you have Lync Open close it as well

5 Delete the OST file and restart Outlook and Lync, Do not worry as Outlook will sync with the server and create the OST.  (if you do not perform this step outlook will warn you that the .ost file has to be deleted anyway)

I think that this happens when the OST gets corrupted or stale as I did not use my outlook for a couple of months as I was relaying on OWA and my win 8 phone :-)
Thank You. The first link got it done for me. My mail now pops into Outlook again.
Microsoft will not recognise my password.................. why ?
Thanks for the solution.  I was having this problem as well, and just following the first step solved my issue.

I've had been dealing with the same issue for three weeks now. For years Outlook worked fine, then one day it asked for the password - and even when providing the correct password (proven by the fact that the very same password was working on my phone and the web client), still didn't accept it. 

Finally, about 10 minutes ago, I fixed it. Before I go back to the binge drinking I’m doing to celebrate, I wanted to share everything I tried and the final solution.

I recommend trying each approach in order – they go from the simple to the increasingly complicated / time consuming. Hopefully one of the approaches will work for you.

My theory is that Windows somehow stored the wrong password somewhere, and kept on overwriting the correct one. I’m just very glad that is working now.    

NO LIABILITY IS ASUMED – FOLLOW PROCEDURES AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you’re not a professional, seek professional help.  

Here's all I tried:

APPROACH # 1: Delete the Exchange account and try to recreate it

1. I tried this approach in two ways: I deleted the Exchange account from within Outlook and in different attempts, deleted the account from within the Mail profile from the Mail area of the Control Panel. 

2. Try to recreate the account from within Outlook using autoconfigure. Outlook would not let me - it would give me an error ("encrypted connection not availabe with your server"), then would try to set it up "unencrypted", then it would ask me to go to the Mail setting in the Control Panel

3. When creating the account in the Mail area of the Control Panel, everything would seem to work - all green check marks when creating the account with autoconfigure.

4. When trying to open Outlook, it would again prompt for the password, and would not recognize the correct password.

5. I did a similar approach doing manual settings. All settings would be correct within the Mail area of the Control Panel, but Outlook would still not accept the password.


APPROACH #2: Delete the Profile and try to recreate it

1. Went into the Mail area of the Control Panel and deleted the profile. 

2. In essence followed steps 2 – 5 from above (creating a profile first, then the account). No luck.


APPROACH # 3: Use the profile assistant from my cloud Exchange provider. (Not sure if this a proprietary thing of my Exchange provider Intermedia.net.)

1. Delete profile.

2. Downloaded the "profile assistant" from the "Setup" area of my Intermedia.net account.

3. When trying to run it, it would do something weird (it even stumped the Intermedia.net tech support guy): instead of creating a profile, it would simply say "password saved" and prompt for the user name and password.

3. Of course, when trying to start Outlook, the password would not be recognized.


APPROACH # 4: Delete stored credentials

1. On the search box, type in “credential” and go to the “Credential Manager” that you will find.

2. Delete all credentials (both “Web” and “Windows”) that appear to have anything to do with Outlook, Exchange or email. (BTW – I tried this several times, going as far as deleting ALL credentials I could find in my last attempt)

3. Went back and tried approaches 1 through 3, deleting the credentials before each attempt. No luck


APPROACH #5: Uninstalled and reinstall Outlook.

1. Did this, then tried approaches 1 through 4.

2. It didn’t work.

3. Yeah. I know. Still recovering from this one.   


APPROACH #6: The registry (I think)

  1. I know Windows stores passwords in the Registry as well. Ib spite of not being really sure what a Registry is, I did a web search and found the mysterious area where subdirectores with cryptic names (like 124ww244ab-Zs—u) are created and deleted for each app. Looking at the activity there felt like listening to the musings of a BSG Hybrid.
  2. Found the right directory for Outlook. Renamed it by adding “-old” to it.
  3. Did approaches 1 thru 4. No luck.


APPROACH #7: Create a new User Account in my computer (Victory at last)

  1. I wish I had tried this first.
  2. The account in my computer is linked to my Microsoft account. So first, go into your Account and disconnect it from your Windows Account, making it a local account on the PC.
  3. Create a new account with Administrative rights. Connect this account to your Windows account.
  4. I went back to approach 1, but when I saw the same errors, skipped it and went to #3. This worked at last.


I hope this info is useful. Now back to partying.



When I open Outlook a dropdown box asks for my user name and password.  I type in the pass word and it is not accepted.

How can I fix this

how can I fix this

This is the only solution that worked for me. I've tried for 2 days to fix this: deleting stored passwords in the Credentials Manager, logging in out, repairing, swearing, ...

Thank you very much, T

Do not hit solved my problem.

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