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Hi There

A colleague of mine has set up some search folders on his outlook Mailbox without issue. (so far, so good)

However, when he tries to set up an Outlook search folder on shared mailboxes that he has access to he is unable to create a search folder. The correct window appears allowing him to configure a search folder, but it only offers his user mailbox as a possibility to apply it to.

He does have one search folder in place on one of the shared Mailboxes that was set up a long, long time ago. He says that he 100% did this himself using Outlook 2007 on windows xp. However, he now seems unable to do it. His issue is consistent across Office 2007 pro and 2010 pro versions and also regardless of if it is XP or windows 7.

Essentially i have two questions:

1) is it possible to create search folders on shared mailboxes

2) if 1 =!?

All these mailboxes are exchange 2008

Alan O



For issues related to Outlook configured with an Exchange Server account, your query would be better addressed in the forum mentioned below.

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