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Janwell asked on
In Outlook 2010, I am trying to flag a message in the folder pane.  When I click on the Follow-up button (Home tab/Tags group), there are no options for this week, next week, add reminder,etc. as there were in Outlook 2007.  Can't find any options that would control this. Any ideas?    
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MMegan replied on
Found a workaround that isn't extremely elegant but it basically gets the job done.

  • First, create a Quick Step.
  • On the Home tab, in the Quick Steps group, click on Create New.
  • In the Choose an Action drop-down, click Create a task with attachment.
  • You can choose to create a shortcut key (at the bottom of the dialog box) if you'd like.
  • Once the Quick Step is created, it appears as "Create a task with attachment" in the Quick Step group on the Home tab for quick click-ability.  Click it from an email and it brings up a task with the email attached.
  • The flags in the task window have all of the usual options (Tomorrow, Next Week, Custom, etc.) and reminders can be set.
  • Later, when the reminder pops up, double clicking on the email attached to the task opens the particular email

I'm glad to have a way to quickly correlate an email with reminders.  Hopefully this helps others.
Disclaimer: I am a fledgling in the database world yet try to help with creativity if not efficiency
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