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Outlook 2010 Mail Indexing Not Working (Windows Search Email Indexer Add-in cannot be enabled)

JB742 asked on

Outlook 2010 search not working - apparently because indexing is not working.
I'm running Outlook 2010 64bit on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Here's what I've already tried:
   * Rebuilt Indexes.  No change
   * SCANPST - No errors on pst file
   * Indexing Options - shows Microsoft Outlook in the list of "Included Locations"
   * Ran the "Troubleshoot search and indexing" - No problems found.
   * Checked-Add-ins.  "Windows Search Email Indexer" is UNCHECKED.  I can check it; but it immediately goes back to unchecked (whether I restart Outlook or not).  ** So this add-in cannot be enabled. **
   * Checked the Indexing Services in Control Panel: Programs and Features: Turn Windows Features on/off.
      "Windows Search" was checked = ON; "Indexing Services" was not checked = OFF
        I tried turning "Windows Search" OFF, Rebooted, Turned it On, Rebuilt Indexes again.  No Change.
       Checked "Indexing Service" ON;  No Change.
   ** Completely rebuilt PC (Reformat & fresh Win 7 install) **
        Exact same situation on the completely rebuilt PC

Current Status: 
   0 Items left to Index.  
   "Windows Search Email Indexer" add-in still unchecked/disabled (cannot enable)
   Outlook Search returns NO hits at all

Outlook 2010 64bit search is BROKEN.  (I've tried just about every fix suggested in the many other threads on this issue !)
Any other Fix recommendations, Please ?


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jasongst replied on
Found a solution! For me, at least. Forget the disabled addon, you need to enable Cached Exchange Mode.

Here is where it's located on my Win7 / Outlook 2010 box:

Control Panel >> Mail (32-bit) >> E-mail Accounts… >> Change… >> Use Cached Exchange Mode

Check the Use Cached Exchange Mode box, finish out and close the wizard, then quit Outlook and restart it. It should start caching your messages locally. Not only does this make Outlook searchable from Windows Search, it also makes your Inbox significantly faster, especially the instant searches.
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Ismail Shikalgar replied on

my Problem was resolved after deleting old  OST file and creating new one
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