Q: MAPI was unable to load the informaiton service. APLZOD.dll

Just install Microsoft 2010.   The error it is given says.  


MAPI was unable to load teh informaiton service




Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured.


Any ideas?





Here's what worked for me:

My e-mail was set-up as IMAP, so there was nothing to lose by deleting the account. 

I went to the iCloud control panel, unchecked that I wanted to sync the following with Outlook:
  • Mail with Outlook
  • Contacts with Outlook
  • Calendar and Tasks with Outlook

Click Apply.

Next go to Control Panel > Mail > E-Mail Accounts, selected your "" email account, and click the Remove button.

Next, go back to the iCloud control panel and re-check each of the three checkboxes that you unchecked earlier.  The iCloud control panel will go through its steps to sync with Outlook all over again.

Voila!  For me, the problem was fixed.

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Given that this is a Dll that evidently is supposed to reside in an Apple folder, you probably would be best to re-install whatever Apple software you have installed. Failing that, you may get a much better response from the Apple support forum given that this isn't an MS program.

Apple Discussions


For what it's worth - there were no results found doing a quick search on the specific file name <aplzod.dll> but there were results for <aplzodlocalized.dll>. The first clue to this being an Apple specific issue is found in the path included in the original post.


Karl Timmermans [Outlook MVP]
"Outlook Contact Import/Export/Data Mgmt"

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