October 2015 Office Updates: KB3055034 breaks office sharepoint integration, OneNote 2010 crashes on sync

I started seeing this on Thursday after the Oct 13 updates started rolling out, OneNote 2010 was crashing trying to sync a OneNote notebook from our sharepoint site.

By a process of elimination, I tracked it down to KB3055034.

I started searching for other reports for this update, and found that others have run into the same problem.

For now, I'm uninstalling this KB as a workaround and pushed this as a declined update in our WSUS server.





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I've run into the same problem. KB3055034 breaks the ability to open word documents from OneDrive on O365. Our problem is, when we uninstall that update, it still doesn't work. Instead of Word just crashing, we get a message saying Word cannot open the document. On the other hand, if we do a system restore, and then apply all the updates except for KB3055034, it works perfectly. Any idea why that might happen? Is there some other files affected by the update, other than MSO.dll, which is what Microsoft says the update is for?

I'm not seeing that behavior for Word after we've uninstalled.   On some systems, we've had to uninstall multiple copies (??) of this patch, unclear if this is a 32/64-bit issue but all of our desktop systems are running x64 either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.   On both of the systems that I just verified, I'm running Office 2010.

Also, be forewarned that we've now seeing unexpected behavior with Office 2013 -- OneNote 2013 failed to open a new URL to a OneNote (unable to open the table of contents) with this patch installed although it doesn't crash as with OneNote 2010.    He noted the same install behavior, having to uninstall two instances of this patch and then rebooted.   Once rebooted, the SharePoint documents were accessible as before the update.

Sorry in advanced if this isn't helpful in your particular case.

Thanks, a repair installation on Office 2010 seemed to do the trick. It's almost as if other files were affected by this update. We've put in a ticket with Microsoft on this issue, hopefully they release an update that will fix it.

Looks like another replacement update has rolled out now as a critical update.

Although KB3505034 is not installed on this system, my OneNote just started crashing, now working to track back as to what is causing the new crash.

UPDATE: KB3101521 is now a critical update that included this fix, and now we're broken or left without a security update.

From: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3101521

This update also contains fixes for the following nonsecurity issue: When you select a suggestion item from the suggestion list of a combo box in a workbook in Excel 2010, the selected suggestion item isn't selected in the combo box as expected.

Note You may experience the following issue after you install this update:

Assume that you are prompted for credentials when you try to open a document from SharePoint in an Office 2010 application. After you enter the credentials, the Office 2010 application crashes. This issue occurs because the update KB3055034 is cumulatively included in this update.

We are facing the same issue.

A few People Access a SharePoint System which is hosted in a foreign Domain (no trust), which means they are prompted for username and Password when accessing SharePoint and again when opening a document in Office.

The Crash happens after the user authenticates. Most reports are about opening an Excel from the foreign SharePoint and also from People who try to synchronize their OneNote Workbooks hosted there.

We tracked down 3 Updates so far:


Unfortunatly I cannot track it down to exactly one update. At the first user, I uninstalled KB3101521 and it worked again. Second user, I uninstalled KB3101521... still crashing... then uninstalling KB3055034 => Working again...

Third User.... had to uninstall KB3054886.

However, another thing we noticed... this only happens when the user is prompted for authentication. For testing purpose I activated my Windows Credential Vault. I opened a document from Excel, entered my credentials, checked the save credentials box => Crash again. I tried again (since now my credentials are saved) => Worked like a charm. No Authentication and more important no Crash.

Unfortunatly this is not a solution, since caving credentials is against the Policy, but maybe ist a temporary Workaround for others or helps a MS Dev to track down the issue.

Thanks for the update Nico - this is really frustrating, unfortunately the cached credentials doesn't seem to work after credentials are updated (password changes), this has been an ongoing issue with cached domain credentials ... trying to clear the cache doesn't fix the problem.

Anyway, the core issue remains with OneNote 2010 & entering credentials via the dialog box.   This issue doesn't exist on OneNote 2013.

The problem exists in other MS Applications as well. 

Really wish this issue would be tracked down and resolved.

Hey Guys, 
Just found this update KB3114399 today that restores the functionality. I've tested it and after the KB3055034, and KB3101521 updates, the issues around the Authentication window crashing office applications has been fixed.

Thanks Sam, this update works for office 2010... is there a differnt one for office 2013 ?
The problem didn't exist for Office 2013 applications -- but I've verified that the December Updates for Office have resolved the original crashing bug for SharePoint access, both OneNote 2010 and OneNote 2013 are now functional with the current updates.
OneNote 2010 32-bit still crashes for me on Windows 7 x64 even after installing KB3114399.  It happens when I click the file tab and OneNote attempts to resolve a Sharepoint url in the "Web locations" area.