Is there a way to move a page to a different section without breaking links to paragraphs on that page?

Using OneNote 2010, I have many internal links from one part of a notebook to individual paragraphs elsewhere in the notebook.  Suppose there is a link on page A pointing to a paragraph on page B.  If I move page B to a different section (say, by dragging and dropping), it partly breaks such links.  Clicking on the link on page A still takes me to the correct page (in its new section), but not to the individual paragraph.  Looking at the url's for the links, it appears that the problem arises because the object id's of the paragraphs are changed when the page is moved.


The url's for links to paragraphs contain, among other information section-id's page-id's and object-id's.  If I create a link to a paragraph, then move the page that the paragraph is on to a different section, then create another link to the same paragraph, the section-id's of these two links are different (as expected);  the page id's are the same (not surprising, and good); object id's are different (surprising to me, and probably the source of the problem).


Presumably OneNote can still find the right page from the older link using the page-id in the link even though the section-id in the link is no longer correct.  But it doesn't find the paragraph.


Is there a way to move a page to a different section without this problem?  (I've also tried using Move or Copy from the context menu for a page tab; it seems to have the same problem.)

Is this a known bug?

Is there a better place to ask about this or to report a problem?


I'm just using OneNote locally on my laptop running WIndows 7 - no sharing or syncing.


Nick, paragraph links are somewhat fragile in OneNote. As you figured, moving/copying page will cause the paragrapsh to get new ids. Or editing the page and merging/splitting paragraphs might cause links to break. We try very hard to keep the links to pages to resolve even if you move/rename it but paragraph links will get broken. Do you find yourself moving pages frequently?

If the content on the page is large enough that paragraph links are useful to find them, you may also consider making subpages and linking to them instead.

Omer Atay
Principal Software Engineering Manager - OneNote

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