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How to open MDI files in Office 2010

futom asked on

Open the mdi file use Microsoft Document Image in Office 2003, but I can't find Microsoft Document Image to open mdi file in office 2010 ,help me!

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Tony Mac. replied on

Hello all,

Microsoft has updated KB982760 to provide additional details regarding MODI.

Please see: for information on installing MODI with Office 2010.

Hope that helps...

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NthnBchesSailorGirl replied on

Now it's Feb 2012 and people's prior posts are still helping others!

I went to the Microsoft article 982760 (supplied by Tony Mac. on July 29, 2011 and Debbie MFST on July 28 2011) and - after skim reading it - wondered if I could instead use my disk for MS Office 2003
(only uninstalled it yesterday, to free up conflicts with my newly loaded MS Office 2010) ...... 
to get the 'missing' and needed Microsoft Office Document Imaging back.

And it worked.   :-)

Follow the same logic (equivalent steps) about marking components on the disk as "unavailable"  except your starting point with this WON'T be Sharepoint Designer, Office Shared Features and Office Tools - just mark all the MS Office 2003 components like Word, Excel etc as "unavailable" and when you expand the Office Tools after marking the Tools as "unavailable" from then on you will be using the exact same steps ie the down arrow for the Microsoft Document Imaging and selecting Run all from my computer.  This will override the choice of "not available"  for Office Tools in regard to JUST the MDI software.

This means people who were using 2003 don't have to download a big file with the package for the Sharepoint Designer 2007 - just to install a small part of it.

It's not clear to me whether MSO 2007 had the MODI software in it....I only ever used some bits of a Trial version of MSO 2007.  If it did....maybe those people who "gained" their MODI that way could also use their disk made defunct when they installed MSO 2010?

Hope all this makes some sense (it only will if you have looked at the article 982760, and perhaps printed it off).  And helps.....someone else like me who was cheesed off to find that going over to MSO 2010 of course has it's downsides!

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